15 Inexpensive but Fun Dating Ideas

When times are tough, get creative with these inexpensive ideas for dating

Let’s face it. Dating is expensive and at some point in your life, you won’t have enough money to spend on it. But, if you’re single and looking for that special someone or even if you just like to get out and meet people, dating is a necessity. What do you do if you want to date but are short on cash? You learn to date inexpensively.

Here are some inexpensive or totally free dating ideas to get you started.

Inexpensive Ideas for Dating

First of all, don’t let lack of money keep you from dating. Don’t automatically assume that because you’re low on funds, no one will be interested. The right person will go out with you whether you have money or not.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for inexpensive dates:

1. Skip the fancy restaurant. Pack a picnic and go to the park. Most dates will appreciate the thought you put into it.

2. Save the fees and skip online dating service. Meet new people the old-fashioned way – take classes, go to the gym, join charity activities.

3. After your first few dates, go Dutch, take turns paying, drink water, and share the meal at expensive restaurants. Don’t do any of these on the first or maybe even second date, but after that, it should be acceptable.

4. Rent movies to watch at home and share popcorn.

5. Find free activities – check community calendar.

6. Don’t go on ‘formal’ dates. Meet for drinks and appetizers, play pool or darts.

7. Go roller-skating or ice-skating – get ice cream or hot chocolate afterwards.

8. Have a home cooked meal at your place or grill out.

9. Play couples games.

10. Go for a walk in the park or take a walking tour.

11. Go for a bike ride or a hike

12. Go to the beach.

13. Play Frisbee

14. Visit museums

15. Do volunteer work together

Dating doesn’t have to be expensive. When times get tough and money gets tight, get creative. Use these ideas to get your creative juices flowing and come up with your own great but inexpensive dating ideas.