2 Valuable Car Buying Tips

Two car buying tips that could save you tons of cash

Let’s face it, car buying isn’t exactly a walk in the park. First you have to deal with the vultures slowly circling you at the car sales lot. Then Slick introduces himself and assures you that he’s going to take care of all of your car buying needs. After all, he has your best interests in mind. Yeah, right.

With Slick to your left and the rest of the vultures to your right, you could probably use some car buying tips right about now.

Car Buying Tip #1 — Don’t Discuss Your Trade In

If you’re going to trade in your car, don’t discuss it till the very last moment — after you have already negotiated the price of your new car. Even if Slick insists he needs to know whether or not you’ll be trading in your vehicle, simply state that you’re not sure yet. After all, the price of the new car shouldn’t be affected by whether or not you’re trading in your old one, but it does.

Car Buying Tip #2 — Don’t Finance At the Dealership

Unless you’re qualified for some incentive financing through the manufacturer, don’t finance at the dealership. They’re more than likely going to charge you a higher interest rate due to the fact that they make more money if you spend more money. They’ll even tell you that you don’t qualify for a lower interest rate, even if you do.

Your local bank or credit union is the best place to finance your next car purchase.

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