3 Effective Ways to Handle Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

Telemarketing Calls Are Still a Headache

When the Do Not Call list was introduced, consumers all across the nation stood up and cheered. No more annoying telemarketing calls during dinner, no more early-morning disruptions on your day off and no more annoying telemarketers insisting that we need something that we really don’t — or so we thought. Unfortunately it appears that while the Do Not Call List has indeed reduced the number of unwanted telemarketing calls received, it hasn’t completely eliminated the problem. If you’re looking for ways to handle these unwanted calls, we have some sound advice.

1. Utilize Your Caller ID

The new laws pertaining to telemarketing calls and the companies that place them do not allow these companies to block their information from caller ID systems. Previously, it was not uncommon for telemarketing calls to show up as “Unavailable” or “Out of Area” on caller ID devices. Under current law, that is no longer allowed. When you see a call coming in from a telemarketing company, you can either ignore it or you can answer it and immediately tell the caller that you are on the National Do Not Call List and will be filing a complaint if they call you again.

2. Exercise Your Freedom of Choice

If a telemarketer does manage to get you on the phone, never forget that you have the freedom to choose whether or not you participate in the call. Many people have a hard time saying no to someone, and these are the same people who consistently fall prey to telemarketing calls and tactics. If you’re one of these people, you may find it easier to simply hang up on the telemarketer rather than argue with them that you don’t want or need their product or service. My sister does this all the time and it proves to be highly effective.

3. Novelty Devices May Come in Handy

For those who have a sense of humor and have the time to fool around, you may want to look into one of the many novelty devices used to toy with the unwitting telemarketers who place the annoying telemarketing calls. From songs that are down-right rude to sound effects that can be quite alarming, there is no end to the torturous fun you can have with the telemarketers who call your home.

And don’t forget, if you are registered with the Do Not Call List, it can take up to three months for companies to stop calling you. If you’re still receiving telemarketing calls when those three months are up, report the telemarketing calls you receive by calling the FTC at (888) 382-1222.