3 Recipe Websites You Can’t Live Without

My 3 Favorite Recipe Websites on the Web

Even the most seasoned cook runs out of ideas every now and then, which is what makes recipe websites such a lifesaver. The recipe websites of today, however, put yesterday’s to shame. Forget about a few recipe ideas here and there. Today’s sites allow you to organize your own online cookbook, share recipes with others and view and rate thousands of recipes from across the globe. Here are my three favorites.


Of all of the recipe websites on the Internet, CDKitchen.com is my favorite. You can store and organize recipes, search for new recipes and rate and review the recipes you’ve tried. What I really like is the fact that you can read other user’s reviews of the recipes, which means you’ll know exactly what you’re in for (and if you should tweak the recipe at all) before you even begin.


I personally use DesktopCookbook.com on a weekly basis and it’s one of my favorites. Not only can I store and organize my own recipes in my account, but I can view thousands of other recipes shared by other members and import them into my cookbook too. The best part? I don’t pay a penny. The service is free. The only thing I find lacking is the fact that you can’t rate the recipes you try, so getting input from other users on a particular recipe isn’t possible.


As far as recipes go, AllRecipes.com is right up there with CDKitchen.com and DesktopCookbook. You can also rate recipes (and read other user’s ratings) as well. That’s a huge plus in my book. You also have the option of changing between US and Metric measurements for each of the recipes on the site.

If you’re anything like me and you find yourself struggling to get away from the monotony of your recipe books, these sites are an absolute must. Since frequenting these recipe websites my family has yet to mutter “not again!” when I putter dinner on the table.