3 Steps to Big Savings on Groceries

Follow these 3 simple steps to save time and money buying groceries

One of your biggest expenses in your family’s budget is groceries. It’s also one of the best areas to save money and spend less…if you know how to do it. You know this and do your best to shop sales, clip coupons, and buy store brands, but many times, you end up running yourself ragged. If saving money on groceries has turned into your ‘second’ job, try these tips to get the savings you need in much less time.

The Internet is Your Friend

We love the Internet. Don’t we? On the Internet, you can find absolutely anything you need. This is true when it comes to saving money on groceries too. A valuable site for saving you money and time when it comes to buying groceries is the Penny Pincher Gazette.

Here you’ll not only find coupons from the four major coupon brokers, you’ll also find the sale circulars for grocery stores in your area. This handy feature allows you to see what is on sale. Then to save even more, you can print coupons for groceries that go with the sale.

For example, if soup is on sale at your favorite grocery store, that’s great. Take the $0.15 off and you have a good saving. But, if you combine that $0.15 off with a thirty cents off coupon, you’ve saved a total of $0.45. — much better. Do this with your entire grocery list, and you’ve really saved big bucks.

Now, to make sure you use your groceries that you saved so much money on, check out their recipe section. Here, you’ll find recipe suggestions that come with a coupon.

So, your three steps to saving more money on groceries are:

Step #1 — Visit the PPGazette. Click on sale ‘circulars’ for your area. Find out what is on sale.

Step #2 — Click on ‘coupons’ and check the four major coupon brokers for coupons to match the sale.

Step #3 — Check the ‘recipe’ section for recipes that go with your sale and coupons. Use these recipes to build your weekly menu.

Using the Internet wisely and following these three simple steps to saving money on groceries adds up. With these steps, you can do all your planning from home and not spend all your time running all over town. You’ll not only save money when you buy groceries but you’ll also save yourself a lot of time.