4 Tips for Choosing a Baby Crib that is Safe for Your New Baby

Think carefully before you choose a baby crib — follow these tips

Buying your new baby a baby crib can be fun and exciting. After all, it is where your precious little bundle will sleep. Gone are the pioneer days of bringing home the baby and letting it sleep in dresser drawers. Today babies get their own specially decorated rooms.

Preparing a special nursery? Be sure you choose the right crib, read these essential child safety tips.

Choosing the right baby crib

New parents are choosey when it comes to style, color, and quality when picking out cribs for baby. But oftentimes too many parents overlook the safety issues that are so important to your child’s health. To buy the best quality and the safest crib for your child, follow these tips.

Tip #1 — Purchase a new crib

In past years, several million baby cribs have been recalled due to safety issues. The majority of these cribs had drop sides. Most manufacturers do not make drop side cribs anymore for safety reasons, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still buy one.

If you are looking for a cheap baby crib and shop flea markets, garage sales, or use a hand-me-down crib, chances are you get a drop side crib. With drop side cribs, there is the possibility of the hardware failing. The side can gape open and the child can get its head trapped and possibly suffocate. Minor injuries include having hands, fingers, and feet pinched badly.

The safest crib for your child is a brand new crib that meets safety standards.

Tip #2 — Check craftsmanship

You can find many cheaply made products these days. Before you buy a crib, check out the craftsmanship to see if the frame is wobbly or loose. Try to rotate each slat to be sure of properly fitting rails. Slats shouldn’t be loose and there shouldn’t be any cracking.

Tip #3 — Buy crib and mattress together

While more costly upfront, you should buy the crib and the right mattress… one that fits. The law requires baby crib mattresses to be at least 27 1/4 inches by 51 5/8 inches and no more than 6 inches thick. You should not be able to fit more than two fingers between the crib frame and the mattress if it fits properly.

Tip #4 — Stick to the basics

We all love the pretty cribs with detail work. But to keep your baby safe, it’s best to stick with a plain, basic crib. Simple lines and no scrollwork or finials will help ensure that your baby can’t get clothing caught and strangle.

Of course, you want to buy the best crib for your baby. Follow these tips and use your common sense, and you’ll have the best baby crib possible.