3 Common-Sense Tips For Frugal Living

New Economy Concerns Mean Frugal Living is More Popular Than Ever

We have long been a nation of over-indulgence. Many of us think nothing of spending $300 on a pair of shoes or $500 on a purse, while others can barely make ends meet. Now, as the economy takes a turn for the worse, more and more of us are seeing the benefits of living frugally. But how do you go from the living the “high life” to living on a budget without going insane? Here are some frugal living tips to help you tighten the belt without choking your lifestyle.

“Used” Is Not a Dirty Word

For some reason there’s some sort of stigma that goes with used merchandise. As if used items were something only the destitute would consider purchasing. This, my friends, is not true at all. There is no shame in buying things that have been gently used. In fact, it’s a great way to save thousands of dollars. From used cars to used clothes, there are pre-owned savings everywhere.

Case in point? My husband and I wanted to redecorate the dining room and were in need of a new chandelier. Unfortunately, all of the nice ones cost hundreds of dollars more than we had budgeted for. Hubby headed over to Craigslist.com and found a used one that was absolutely breathtaking — and we only paid $75 for it!

“Borrowing” Is Better Than Buying

Love to read? Don’t buy the books from the store. Head over to your local library and read them for free. Like spending Friday nights at home watching DVDs? Don’t buy them, and don’t rent them one at a time. Subscribe to all-inclusive DVD rental plans like the ones offered by Netflix and Blockbuster. You can rent lots of movies each month for one low monthly fee.

Coupons Aren’t Just For Grandma

The price of groceries is jumping drastically. The best way to reduce the effects on your budget is to begin clipping coupons. Yes, it takes time. Yes, you may feel like your grandmother while you do it. It’s a small price to pay when you could potentially save $25 to $100 a week off your grocery bill.

And grocery coupons aren’t the only coupons that can save you money. Get on mailing lists for clothing stores and other local retailers and you could get coupons in the mail to save on all of your household needs.

Between skyrocketing gas prices, increasing grocery costs, insane heating and cooling bills and a general jump in the cost of living, frugal living is becoming more important than ever. These tips are a good place to start, but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll have more frugal living tips for you in the coming weeks ahead.