5 Money Saving Tips for Laundry

Stop washing money down the drain! Use these tips to save money on your laundry

There are many money saving tips for laundry that will not only help you get your clothes clean but will save you money and energy at the same time. Read these 5 tips to see how you can start saving.

1. Switch to cold

By switching to a cold water detergent and washing your clothes using the cold water setting, you can save a lot of money and your clothes will be just as clean. For clothes that have a normal amount of dirt, the cold water setting will be fine. The only loads that really need hot water are those that are exceptionally stained or have grease stains.

Turn your hot water heater to 120 degrees so when you do use the hot water setting, you’ll get your clothes clean but save money by not using water that is too hot and uses up extra energy.

2. Large loads only

Washing small loads or individual items wastes energy and money. Always be sure to fill the washer and dryer to full capacity. A full dryer takes longer to dry than a smaller load but doesn’t use as much energy if you had washed two separate loads.

3. Line dry

Hanging clothes to dry isn’t popular anymore. It’s true that you will have to iron more because line drying doesn’t get the wrinkles out but think about how much you will be saving by not running your dryer. Dryers use 5.8% of the household energy. By line drying your clothes, you’ll be saving money and the planet.

4. Sort by drying time

When you wash and dry clothes, think about drying time. Put thick items together instead of combining them with clothes that don’t take very long to dry. When you combine items that require a long drying time with items that dry quickly, you are running your dryer longer than necessary, over-drying the light items, and damaging them.

5. Look for the star

If your washer and dryer aren’t in tip-top shape, you may be using more energy than necessary. An inefficient dryer can take two to three times longer to dry your clothes and wastes money.

If you’ve decided to purchase a new washer and dryer, look for the energy star label. This label will tell you how much energy the appliance will be using. Choose the set that is sufficient to get the job done but uses the least amount of energy.

Follow these 5 simple tips and get started saving a great deal on your utility bill. Who can argue with more money in your wallet by using these tips for laundry?