5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a House Painter

Make sure you hire the right house painter by asking these 5 questions

Got a cracked, peeling, and faded house? If so, it’s time to hire a house painter. Making the decision paint your house is necessary to keep up property values (and keep your neighbors from being mad at you). But let’s face it, who wants to spend the money or go through the trouble of finding the right house painters?

Finding the best house painters can be a bit tricky. Unless, you know the right questions to ask. Ask these five questions when looking for a painter and avoid unpleasant surprises later down the road.

Question #1 – License? Bonded? Insured?

Really, how hard is it to find and hire house painters? Possibly really hard. But remember, it takes skill to do a good job painting a home. And yet, this trade attracts just about anyone capable of picking up a paintbrush.

Hire professional house painters; ones that do quality work. To separate the professionals from the unskilled painters, ask this one simple question, “Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?”

People posing as painters while in between ‘real’ jobs don’t take the time to be licensed, bonded, or insured.

Question #2 – What kind of prep work do you do?

Prep work is the most important part of a painting job. If this step isn’t done properly or skipped altogether, you won’t get a quality job. Ask about the following: power washing the exterior, caulking and sealing, replacing rotting boards.

Question #3 – Does the prep work cost extra?

If your potential painter gives you a long list of the prep work, be sure and ask if it’s included in the original quote. You don’t want to be surprised with any extra charges at the end of the job.

Question #5 – How long will it take?

While each painting job is different, a professional painter gives you a good estimate about how long it takes to complete the job. Many times, contractors start a job to stake their claim, so to speak, then leave and finish another job.

This leaves you in the lurch – unsure when they are coming back, when they can finish what they started, and leaving you with the mess in the meantime. Ask the painter for a start and finish date.

Question #5 – Do they have all the necessary equipment?

If your house has any unusual features or difficult to get to areas, ask if the painter has the necessary equipment to do the job. You don’t want the painter to start the job, only to discover his extension ladders don’t reach your tallest eaves.

Whose responsibility is it to get extra equipment, if needed? And find out if the cost is included in the original quote.

When hiring someone to paint your house, don’t be afraid of asking questions. Ask these five simple questions, and find a qualified and professional house painter to do the job right the first time.