5 Tips to Becoming a Recycling Superhero

Brush up on your recycling skills with these quick tips

How good are you at recycling? For the sake of our environment, we all need to learn the basics about how to recycle and then become experts in this area. Here are 5 quick tips to help you get started and become a recycling superhero.

Tip #1 – Break Bad Habits – Your first step to becoming a super recycler is to break old habits. Begin paying attention to your trash and what you’re throwing away that should be recycled.

Tip #2 – Review Recycling Rules – Every city has the ability to recycle different items. Check with your city and get a list of every item you can recycle. You’re probably throwing away items you should have recycled.

Tip #3 – Make it Convenient – Put your recycling bin close to your kitchen trashcan. If you don’t have to take extra steps, you’re more likely to recycle. Also place bins in other rooms such as the bathrooms, game room, and workshop. An inconspicuous but convenient bin in these rooms will make it easier to recycle shampoo bottles, soft drink cans, and containers.

Tip #4 – Tame Your Plastic Addiction – Much of the plastic you use can’t be recycled. Your best bet here is to eliminate as much plastic from your life as possible. Think in bulk. Stop buying items that are individually packaged. Instead, buy chips and crackers in large boxes or bags to cut down on the amount of plastic you throw away.

Instead of using baggies that add to your weekly trash, use plastic and glass storage containers. This will cut down on trash you can’t recycle and you can eventually recycle the plastic and glass storage containers.

Tip #5 – Reuse – Become a sleuth at finding things around your home to reuse. Don’t automatically go out and buy extra notebook binders and pencils. Check your home to see what you have laying around and use it instead. Make it a rule to reuse as much as possible before you buy new.

Do the environment a favor. Follow these tips and become an expert at recycling.