6 Ways to Go Green and Save Green

Discover how going green can save you money

If you’re looking for ways to go green and save not only the planet but your bank account, look no further. With this selection of “green” tips, you can choose the ones that fit your lifestyle without cramping it and still save money.

Turn off appliances

We all do “it” — most of us without ever realizing that we’re using power. What is “it”? Leaving appliances plugged in when we’re not using them. Electronics like fax machines, computers, and printers continue to use power even though we’re not actually using them. This is referred to as “phantom” power usage.

When you’re finished working for the day, turn them off and unplug them.


When your electronics and appliances are worn out, don’t just dump them in the landfill. Search the company online and see if they participate in a recycling program. Many companies are now doing this. It saves them money by recycling parts and saves the landfills at the same time.


Think of the gas you can save if you can do part or all of your work at home via the Internet. Not only save your gas money, but keep the air cleaner as well.

Talk to your boss about the possibility of working part-time from home. Not a workable solution? Then, work out a carpool with fellow workers.

Thermostat timer

It is amazing how much you save by putting heating and cooling thermostats on a timer. Set the timer to automatically turn on and off only when needed. This prevents adjusting the thermostat constantly which uses more power and is hard on the system’s compressor.

Adjust the thermostat to where it is a little warmer in the hot months and cooler in the cold months for added savings.

Energy efficiency

You can be energy efficient in both your home and at your office by improving the insulation in the attic, using solar screens on your windows to keep the heat out, checking for leaks in the air ducts of the heating and cooling system, and sealing cracks around windows and doors.

The more heating and cooling you keep in your home or office, the less energy used and the less you pay on your electric bill.

Go paperless

Americans use more than 50 million tons of paper each year. This can be greatly reduced by going paperless and sending all possible information electronically. The information can be saved to CDs or flash drives so it is still available when needed.

Look over these tips and see which ones you can begin doing immediately. There are many ways to go green that will save you money and save the planet.