A Finance Resource For Our UK Readers

Finance Made Easy

In the past, we’ve reviewed financial websites and credit card resources that have been very valuable for many of our visitors. Unfortunately, many of those sites haven’t had anything to offer our UK readers. Well, my friends, your turn has come. We’ve been asked to review a UK-based finance website that has quite a bit to offer.

In All Honesty…

I would love to take the credit for tracking down this UK finance website, but the fact of the matter is that they found us. As you know, we are sometimes asked to review different websites for our readers. MungoMoney.co.uk is one of the websites we were recently asked to review. While we don’t review all of the websites that we are presented with, I knew we had to review this one when I saw what it offered.

The Hottest Finance Deals of the Week

Whether you’re looking for low-interest loans, high-interest savings opportunities or great UK credit card offers, Mungo Money has what you need. The people who operate the site review the latest financial offerings each and every week and update their website with the hottest finds, putting all of the best offers right at your fingertips.

Every Opinion Counts

What I really liked about the Mungo Money website was the fact that visitors can rate the deals that are currently on display. This means that you don’t just rely on the opinions of the site creators to determine which deals are hot and which aren’t — the general public gets to throw in their two cents as well.

How Hot Is Hot?

So how hot are the deals to be had at Mungo Money? Hot enough to make me wish that some of them were open to US residents. For instance, one of the offerings on the site is a bad credit personal loan with an interest rate of 6.4 percent.

Do you have any idea how many people here in the US would jump at the chance for a loan like that? It didn’t surprise me that the public rating of that offer was four out of five stars.

So if you are one of our UK-based readers who’ve been wondering if there are financial resource websites out there for you, here it is. I’d definitely recommend visiting the site if you’re looking for credit cards, loans or savings account information.