Adopt a Pet from the Pound, and Save Some Dollars

Instead of spending big bucks for a purebred, why not adopt a pet from your local animal shelter?

The next time you decide to adopt a pet, may we suggest that you check in at a nearby animal shelter before you finalize your decision?

Now, you may wonder what such a decision has to do with being a savvy consumer. Well, aside from the wide selection, and the fact that you may just fall in love with a loveable mutt or an adorable kitty right away, and all humanitarian considerations aside… it’s just plain economical.

Cost Conscious Pet Adoption

I don’t need to tell you that purebred pets are expensive to acquire; you’ll pay hundreds of dollars for most breeds, whether large or small. Obviously, a pet from the pound is going to be cheaper, since adoption fees tend to be fairly low, and generally include vaccinations, flea and worm control, spaying/neutering, etc.

Some animal shelters even implant their adoptees with those nifty microchips to sweeten the deal, so they can be easily identified if they ever get lost.

Now, imagine paying for all that on top of the purchase price of a pet from a breeder or pet store. Your dream vacation is just getting farther and farther away, isn’t it?

The Purebred Quandary

If you’re determined to adopt a specific breed of pet–say, a Pomeranian or Maine Coon–that doesn’t mean you absolutely have to pay through the nose. Check your local shelters anyway; you might just find one.

If you don’t want to drive around looking, don’t let that stop you. Most shelters are aggressive about placing their charges, so they have websites on which they post information about some or all of their available adoptees. Sometimes, you can do a search for the specific breed you’re looking for.

Furthermore, there may well be a local rescue society for your favorite breed. Just do a ‘Net search, or call and ask the animal shelter, and you may soon be united with the companion animal of your dreams.

One More Thing…

Ever heard of hybrid vigor? It’s the tendency for mixed breeds (okay, let’s be honest here, mutts) to be healthier and longer-lived than purebreds. Unfortunately, even many pedigreed dogs are terribly inbred, and have all kinds of health problems as a result.

Worse, because purebreds have been commoditized, they’re often treated like factory products and bred in unhealthy “puppy mills” and “kitty mills.” These facilities, which don’t worry too much about vaccinations and breeding lines, supply pet stores all over the nation.

So remember all that, when it’s time to add a furry kid to the family. When you adopt a pet from an animal shelter, you can save money, end up with a healthier pet — and often, save a life.