Advantages of the Instant Rebate

Why You Should Opt for an Instant Rebate When You Have the Choice

If you shop online you’ve probably seen an instant rebate offered by at least one company. Many companies have been offering traditional mail-in rebates for years, but now more and more companies are also offering instant rebates for purchases made online.

No-Hassle Savings

Getting an instant rebate is incredibly simple. An instant rebate is deducted off the price of the item you are purchasing, so if a $100 item you are buying has a $20 instant rebate available online, you will only pay $80 for the item. Not bad for an item you were going to purchase anyway.

Verizon Wireless was offering a $50 mail-in rebate for the in-store purchase of one of their products. If you chose to purchase the item online, you would have instantly qualified for the instant rebate and wouldn’t have had to hassle with mailing in the rebate form or waiting for your rebate check. StompSoft software has also offered the same convenience and courtesy to customers who purchase their products online.

There are several advantages to getting an instant rebate. You will not have to wait six to eight weeks (sometimes even longer) for your rebate to arrive. You will not have to sign a rebate check and make an extra trip to the bank. You will also not have to pay for a postage stamp to mail the rebate form.

Sometimes rebates get lost in the mail, and unless you photocopy your receipts, you will have a difficult time trying to receive your rebate in the event the rebate clearinghouse never receives it. Another consideration is that you might forget to mail in your rebate. Many people purchase a product and then forget about the rebate. Purchasing online and getting an instant rebate is just more convenient.