After New Year’s Deals

Are the deals to be had now that the New Year has started?

Now that the New Year has started and the Christmas, after-Christmas and New Year’s sales have ended, many consumers are wondering if there are any deals left to be had. Believe it or not, you can still get the best deals ever– the trick is knowing where to look.

Gift Baskets Galore

During the holiday season, merchants stock up on gift baskets like nobody’s business. Shelves and shelves are filled with them in anticipation of the holiday rush. But what happens to all of the left over gift baskets when the holiday season is over?

They turn into the deals of the year if you shop at the right time! With some stores offering up to 90 percent off their holiday wares, gift baskets can be had for literally pennies on the dollar. Stores that offer holiday goodies like Godiva and Hickory Farms also offer deep discounts on their wares in the days after New Years.

For some deep discount deals, visit these websites:

Right now Godiva is currently offering up to fifty percent off some of their candies.

Hickory Farms is also currently offering up to fifty percent off on their holiday goods when you use coupon code 30SALE at checkout.