Alternatives to Artificial Nails from the Salon

Get Artificial Nails for a Fraction of the Cost

Getting artificial nails at the salon can be costly and also pose a health concern. If you’ve become accustomed to getting your nails done professionally, you might want to rethink the habit. Not only are you spending more money than you should be, but you’re putting your health at risk. And yes, some people HAVE died from the staff infections they contracted while getting their nails done. Is it worth your life?

A Plethora of Problems

Artificial nails pose a variety of health concerns. If you are getting artificial nails for just a one-day event, then you will only be exposed to the potentially nauseating vapors from the nail products for just a short period of time. If you insist on getting your nails done at the salon, ask the technician for a mask that you can wear yourself to limit your exposure to the fumes created. Most consumers, when they spend $50 or more getting their nails done, don’t want to take them off immediately after the event, so they continue to maintain artificial nails. Having artificial nails for an extended period of time can pose a health problem.

It is possible to have fungal growth under artificial nails, and artificial nails also weaken your natural nails.

A Healthier Alternative

For a one-day event, there are a variety of artificial nails available that are convenient to use and simply need to be glued on. Check out your local pharmacies or stores such as Target or Wal-Mart for inexpensive artificial nails.

There are a few possible negative points of glue-on artificial nails that consumers should know about, but the potential negative aspects are easily outweighed by the positive points. The nails will fall off easily. Don’t bump into anything. Also, don’t drink any water several hours before the event that you plan to wear your artificial nails to. And don’t expect to maneuver complicated buttons or zippers once you arrive. You won’t be able to visit the restroom the entire night. That’s a small drawback and actually a positive point too. It means the nails will be really easy to remove the next day. If you lose a nail, you can simply glue it back on. Take the glue along with you to your event in case you lose a nail (or two).

Glue-on artificial nails are a great alternative to higher-priced salon nails, so you should consider trying this lower-priced alternative if you absolutely must wear artificial nails. However, natural nails with a nice coat of polish is always much, much healthier.