An Answer to the Most Frequently Asked Makeup Question

Is Department Store Makeup Really Superior?

There is a lot of debate about whether or not department store makeup is superior to drugstore makeup. After all, there’s a huge price difference so shouldn’t there be a similar quality difference? If you want to know more about the benefits of each type of makeup read more.

Price Isn’t Always an Indicator

Not every brand of makeup at drugstores or other discount retailers is necessarily inferior to department store makeup. There are certain types of makeup available at discount stores that you can easily get by with.

Nail polish that sells for $1.00 a bottle is a good bargain. Certainly you’ll have to apply the nail polish more frequently than the more expensive brands, but that is a minor inconvenience given the savings. High-end nail polish usually retails for more than $10 a bottle.

Sometimes It Pays to Pay More

Eyeliner is one type of makeup that you might not want to purchase from the discount bins. Inexpensive eyeliner is often too difficult to apply. Pencil eyeliner usually lasts a while, so even though it’s expensive to buy a pencil at the department store, you don’t have to replace the purchase frequently.

Foundation or cover-up is also a type of product that you might not want to scrimp on. Foundation forms the basis for your entire look. It pays to invest in a more expensive foundation since it is often the most frequently used makeup item for many women.

Sometimes it’s a Matter of Preference

Other makeup items such as mascara are sometimes only worn for special occasions. Mascara can go either way.

Some women have a particular favorite brand of mascara that they absolutely must wear. If this doesn’t describe you, then you might want to try cheaper mascara. No matter what the advertisements say, your eyelashes will thankfully never be a mile long.

Lipstick also presents a makeup item that you can go either way with, discount or high end. Cheaper lipstick brands will usually need to be reapplied more frequently, and if you want long-wearing lipstick you usually will have to purchase it from a department store. I’ve yet to see this type of lipstick available for a reasonable price or at discount stores.