Antivirus Products for Computers

Why Norton May No Longer Be the Leader in Antivirus Protection

According to many, norton does not seem to make the best antivirus program on the market anymore. At one time Norton’s antivirus product was highly recommended by virtually everyone, now it seems that it has lost its popularity and effectiveness and a number of consumers are complaining that Norton is letting more and more viruses through to corrupt their systems. What’s a computer user to do?

Many dissatisfied users of Norton’s antivirus program have been voicing their concern and dissatisfaction in Internet message forums. Norton used to be the leading provider of antivirus software, but they seemed to have lost their edge. Many customers have complained about still getting viruses even with diligent use of Norton antivirus software. Because a computer virus can be as awful and frustrating as the real-life viruses humans experience, adequate protection is essential.

Who Are People Turning To?

McAfee has a very good antivirus program that has several distinguishing features that make it unique. McAfee VirusScan 2006 actually has the ability to detect spyware and adware even before it is downloaded, and it is even available free to AOL users. Many former Norton users are now using McAfee VirusScan with no complaints. PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 also has antivirus capabilities that are very good. The satisfaction that many users are experiencing with products from Norton’s many competitors is a clear indication that Norton is just not as popular as it was several years ago.

If you are on the market for new antivirus software, get recommendations from coworkers and friends and check out some of the Internet forums. They can be a great source of information because they can freely give you their own personal experiences with products that they have purchased. If they have had negative experiences, they will openly provide you with this information.

Having antivirus software is necessary for every computer owner. Don’t neglect having such an important product. Having the right antivirus program can save you a lot of wasted time by preventing your computer from getting infected with a virus.