Apple Pie on the Cheap

Ways to Save Money on Apple Pie

Apple pie is an all-American favorite, and even those of us with the best diet still crave apple pie from time to time. Surprisingly, apple pie, the staple of American desserts, has become increasingly expensive over the years. Below you’ll find some helpful tips for locating inexpensive apple pie.


If you plan to make your own apple pie, make at least two. While you’re heating up the oven, it makes sense that you take full advantage of the energy you’re using. Make two apple pies and give one away or freeze it for future use.

When you are making an apple pie, you can save money by buying conventional apples rather than organic apples. Many experts recommend only eating organic produce, but for most apple pie recipes you are going to be peeling the apple skins off anyways, and organic apples sometimes cost twice as much as conventional apples.

Also, buying apples that are already bagged is cheaper as well. Apples sold individually end up costing more per pound than bagged apples. Make apple pie in the fall when apples are in season. The apples are tastier, and they are cheaper at that time.

Fast Food Apple Pie?

If you want a quick sweet fix and don’t feel like baking an apple pie from scratch, you can stop by McDonald’s and get two apple pies off their dollar menu. That’s quite a good deal considering you won’t have to get your kitchen messy.

The Freezer Aisle

Mrs. Smith’s makes tasty apple pies that are sold in the frozen section of the grocery store. Wait until your store is running a special and stock up then. I know several consumers that have purchased an extra freezer so they can store the good deals they find on frozen foods.

Mrs. Smith’s also offers coupons from time to time in the weekly coupon inserts, so look for coupons and use them during a sale to save big on apple pie.