Are Coupons Worth the Time?

Coupons Can Be Worth Their Weight in Gold

Clipping coupons can indeed be tedious, but throwing away those Sunday papers without clipping out the coupons you can use may literally be costing you hundreds of dollars each and every year.

Clipping Coupons

Clipping coupons may not be your idea of fun, but it can mean saving hundreds of dollars on things that you use each and every year. For example, let’s say you just clip and use $5 worth of coupons each week. That’s a savings of $260 a year. Use that towards a vacation or put it away in a savings account. $260 is a lot of money. That’s even a couple of week’s worth of groceries!

Take it a Step Further

In addition to clipping coupons out of the paper, you might want to look for online coupons to shop with. For example, Peapod (an online grocery delivery service) is oftentimes offering coupons for first time customers, and you can save up to $20 off your first order with the right coupon code.

If you’re not using both online and brick-and-mortar coupons, you’re throwing hard-earned money away. Start using coupons today and you’ll see how much money you can save over the year.