Are Discount Travel Websites Really The Best Option?

What You Need to Know About Discount Travel Websites

Discount travel websites have become increasingly popular over the past decade. After all, who would object to saving up to 50 percent off of their travel expenses? The question is, are these discount travel websites really everything they’re cracked up to be, or are there certain facts these websites don’t want you finding out about.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

I recently had to book a flight from Chicago to Orlando. Being the frugal shopper I am, I visited two of the most popular discount travel websites to see what bargains they could bestow upon me. Unfortunately, I was less than happy with the results.

The first website I visited was no help at all. I needed a total of 8 tickets (big family) and this website would only allow me to book six tickets at a time. When I came to the second discount travel website, however, I thought I had struck gold.

The website told me that I could book all 8 tickets for about half of what I’d expected to pay. I should have followed my own advice. If it sounds too good to be true…

The Real Deal with Discount Travel Websites

When I tried booking the tickets, the discount travel website simply said they couldn’t do it. No explanations, just a message that they could not do it. However, they did offer me some other alternative flights (at a higher price, of course).

I ended up booking through the discount travel site, but not at the half off they had originally promised. It was about 25 percent off when it all came down to it.

Be Realistic

When it comes to discount travel websites, be realistic and know what to expect. You might have to spend time working through the loops in the system and you might pay more than what you originally thought you’d have to, but if you want discounted tickets and don’t care if that discount is only 10 or 25 percent (which can add up when purchasing multiple tickets) then discount travel websites are still the best way to go.