Are DVD Clubs Really A Good Deal?

The Facts About DVD Clubs

Chances are that you have probably seen the intriguing advertisements that DVD clubs send out. You get six DVDs of your choice sent to you for a mere pittance. Then all you have to do is buy one or two more DVDs at regular price and you’ve met your end of the bargain. But are these DVD clubs everything they’re cracked up to be, or are they a big pain in the rear?

A Great Deal

Yep, it’s hard to pass up five or six of the latest DVDs at less than one dollar a pop plus shipping. After all, deals like that don’t come around very often. However, before you go jumping into this great deal feet first, I suggest you take a good look at whether DVD clubs really are the right choice for you.

How Self Disciplined Are You?

When you join one of the DVD clubs, they’re going to send you a package in the mail every month or so. This package is going to feature the “special” DVD of that specific mailing. If you don’t want the DVD, simply log onto the web and tell them or mail the postcard in the package back to them and they won’t ship you the DVD.

But what happens if you lose track of time and you don’t manage to send them notice before they send the DVD to you? Well, the DVD gets shipped to your home and your credit card gets charged for it. Considering the prices established by the DVD clubs are a lot more than you would pay for the DVD at the local Wal-Mart, that may not be such a great deal.

Convenience and Perks

On the other hand, DVD clubs do offer convenience and perks. Once you have fulfilled your one or two-DVD membership obligation, you usually get a “preferred” member status. This means you can get substantial discounts if you buy more than one DVD on any given order and some DVD clubs offer “bonus cash” for each DVD you buy. Let your bonus cash add up and you can trade it for free DVDs. If you like having your DVDs sent right to your door and you like the perks the DVD clubs offer, they may be the perfect choice for you.