Are Free Internet Resources Really Free?

A Guide to Free Internet Resources

There are many free Internet resources available, but sometimes there are hidden costs to utilizing them. Free Internet resources can be a great way to save money, but don’t assume there are no hidden costs associated with them.

Free Coloring Activities

There are many free Internet resources available on the World Wide Web. For example, kids coloring sheets are available online. However if you print a large number of these, they aren’t really that “free.” Consider the cost of ink and paper for your printer.

If you have a printer that has low-cost compatible ink cartridges available, then free coloring sheets online might be a deal. However, coloring books are pretty cheap too. You can often find a coloring book with more than 100 pages for under $2.00.

Dollar stores are a great source for inexpensive coloring books. I’ve found that supermarkets often have the highest priced coloring books, and they are usually strategically placed right at the checkout counter so that your child can sneak them into the cart while your loading your groceries onto the counter.

Coloring books at the supermarket are sometimes even more expensive than magazines. I saw a coloring book for nearly $6 the other day at my local grocery store, and it wasn’t even that thick.

Free Tutorials

Sometimes you might find a free or reasonably priced tutorial that you are interested in reading or watching (if it’s video). These can offer a great convenience, and often are extremely well done. (I watched and read some excellent tutorials on a new camera I recently bought.)

If a document is long and is well formatted, sometimes you can save money by reading it on your computer or laptop and save the money and paper and ink.

Free Language Resources

If you have a desire to learn a foreign language, there are a wide variety of free resources available on the Internet that can help you with this goal. No matter what language you are interested in you will easily find word lists, pronunciation guides, and many other free Internet resources to help you learn that free language.