Not All Lawn Care Services Are Created Equal

What You Need to Know About Lawn Care Services

No one wants to be the one on the block with the “bad lawn” which is why lawn care services are so profitable during the spring and summer months. Many homeowners are willing to pay an arm and a leg to keep their grass green and lush. The problem is, many lawn care services don’t deliver what they promise. Here are some things you need to know.

The Big Boys Aren’t Usually The Best

You know those big companies that have chains across the U.S.? They’re not always the best. I hired one of them to improve the condition of my lawn and they virtually killed what was left of it. Their idea of an overseed was throwing grass seed over hard, compacted dirt and then using weed killer and fertilizer on the new seeds at the same time.

Remember, you get what you pay for and while these big name companies may offer discounts and affordable prices, they’re usually not the best in quality when it comes to lawn care services.

Ask for References

Now, just because the big name lawn care services aren’t always the best, doesn’t mean the little guys are always much better. The best way to determine the quality of the lawn care services you’re considering is to ask for references. Drive by other lawns that the company works on. The condition of those properties will speak volumes.

Try To Avoid Contracts

When it comes to lawn care services, I don’t like the idea of contracts. Once you sign a contract you’re stuck with that service, whether you like it or not. Try to go with a service that doesn’t require you to sign on the dotted line.

If you check references, avoid contracts and are very clear with your lawn care needs, you should have no problem finding a reputable and accommodating lawn care service.