Are You Protected by a Firewall?

Is Your Computer Vulnerable Without a Firewall?

With WIFI and high-speed Internet access becoming ever increasingly popular, so is the need for firewalls. If you don’t have a firewall installed on your computer, you may find your personal information gleaned by a hacker who has malicious intent. But what exactly are firewalls and why do you need one?

Firewall Basics

Not having a firewall is like leaving the doors to your home unlocked when you know for a fact there are burglars roaming your neighborhood.

A firewall is your protection from the world of hackers. If a hacker tries to enter your system, a firewall pushes him or her out. However, without a firewall, that hacker can gain access to your system and can glean whatever information they want from your computer, whether it be personal info or credit card numbers.

Choosing a Firewall

If you don’t have a firewall, you’re going to want to get one. There are a number of firewalls available on the market today ranging from free and inexpensive to very expensive. Which firewall you choose will depend on your particular needs. The important thing is that you have some sort of firewall installed on your system.