Are You Spending Too Much on Clothes?

If the money you’re spending on clothes is sucking your budget, try this

Are you a clothes shopaholic? Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that still have the price tags? Do you have shoes you’ve never worn? Do you have jewelry you didn’t know you had?

Sound familiar? If you answered yes, you need help and so does your budget. If you find that your clothing expenses are draining your checking account and making your credit card scream, do something about it, and save money today.

That’s exactly what this group of women did, and you can join them! The Great American Apparel Diet is a website for women (and men) who spend too much money on clothes. Here women have joined together for accountability, companionship, and support and agreed to stop buying apparel for one year.

The ‘diet’ officially started August 31, 2010 and officially ends August 31, 2011, but you can join any time. To get the official rules and join the site visit the money-saving website. The site moderator asks that you send a picture and brief bio and be serious about your commitment.

Did you commit? Now what?

Did you commit? Good for you. No? That’s okay. If you want to make some serious changes in your shopping habits but just can’t quite commit to an entire year without any new clothing, visit The Thrifty Chicks. These ladies are ultra-cool and fashionable and show you how to shop thrift stores and never buy any new clothing again. They can take cheap clothes and make them look like a million bucks. Whether you need women’s clothes, kid’s clothes, or men’s clothes, you’ll learn how to shop thrift stores without looking like you shop thrift stores.

Whichever you choose, The Great American Apparel Diet, or shopping thrift stores, saves tons of money. So, make your decision today. Stop draining your bank account, crashing your credit cards, and busting your budget. Resolve to stop spending so much on clothes.