Are You Spending Too Much on Glasses?

Discover how to save big on your next pair of glasses

Glasses are expensive but if you need them, you don’t have any choice but to fork out the money for a pair. After all, you have to see… right? If you need glasses but are having trouble coming up with the money or simply don’t like paying the high prices, here’s some help.

Discounts on Glasses

When it’s time for an eye exam, you usually see an Optometrist. After the doctor has finished your exam, an assistant or employee of the eyeglass “store” within the doctor’s office usually takes you to pick our your eyeglass frames. This way, not only is the doctor making money from the exam but also on the expensive pair of prescription glasses you buy. One way to cut costs on glasses big time, is by not buying glasses this way, but instead, buying them online.

To buy glasses online, you need two things — your prescription and your PD number. You can get both of these by asking your doctor for them. Just ask your doctor for your written prescription and be sure to ask for your ‘Pupillary Distance’ (PD) number. Because your doctor wants to sell you the expensive glasses in his store, he may begrudgingly give you the prescription, but it’s your prescription. Just ask.

Once you have your prescription, go online to either Zenni Optical or Eye Buy Direct. At both of these websites, you find very affordable prescription and reading glasses.

At Zenni Optical, find glasses starting as low as $7.95 and you have the same choices as you do in any eyeglass store. There is a wide selection of bifocals, progressive lens, rimless, titanium, designer, and sunglasses.

At EyeBuyDirect choose the style, material and type of lens you need. If you need eyeglasses with progressive lenses and prefer rimless frames, it’s simple. With their advanced search, you can easily sort through the hundreds of glasses without any problem at all.

Eye Buy Direct isn’t as inexpensive as Zenni Optical but you can still rack up huge savings. For example, eyeglasses with progressive lenses are usually the most expensive. At Eye Buy Direct, it’s possible to find a pair for as low as $19.95 and $24.95. That’s hard to beat.

The next time you get your eyes examined simply request your prescription. Your doctor may be a little reluctant to give it to you but if you explain that you need to save as much as possible on your glasses, I’m sure he’ll understand.