Attention College Students: We Found More Than 100 Money-Saving Ideas For You!

Are There Really Any College Students Who Don’t Want To Save Money?

Max and I have decided that we’re going to try implementing a new process here at Consumer Savvy Tips where we’ll be paid to write the occasional article review. This review is our first, and if it works well for all of us (our readers included), we will be doing more of them in the future. We’re only going to be picking articles that we really like for review purposes and we’ll always let you know if we’re being paid to write any review when you’re reading it. This review covers a fabulous article about saving money in college. Let us know what you think!

Free Advice That’s Worth A Million

The article, 118 Ways to Save Money In College would really have come in handy for me back in the day. As I was throwing countless dollars away on lattes and the occasional alcoholic beverage, someone out there was doing things the right way — and it looks like that someone decided to write an article about it.

This money-saving article covers everything a college student needs to know about frugal living. From bill-paying advice to tips for affordable off-campus living, 118 Ways to Save Money in College can literally save a single college student thousands of dollars over the course of their education. The article’s author even touches on the benefits of sharing toiletries (within reason of course).

If I Knew Then What I Know Now…

Considering almost all college students struggle somewhat financially, a few grand is nothing to sneeze at. If I would have had this article back when I was in school, I’d owe a few grand less on my student loans.

If you are a college student or if you know a college student who could use some great money-saving tips and advice, I definitely suggest checking out 118 Ways to Save Money in College. This one deserves a five-star review in my book.