Avoid Financial Crisis — Learn to Budget and Save Money

Decide which method of learning to budget is best for you.

Budget. For most people this six-letter word is the same as a four-letter word. Why? Because, most Americans were never taught budgeting or money management. These same people now find themselves in financial crisis — credit card debt, no money set aside for emergencies, college educations, or retirement.

Budgeting and money management are skills. If you find yourself in financial crisis, regain control by learning how to budget, save, and manage your money for financial security and a bright future.

Be Prepared

How can you be financially prepared for the future? By learning how to budget and manage your money. This is the only way to prepare.
Take responsibility for your future. Choose from one if the following methods and teach yourself how to save for the future.


The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. This is a great book to start with for learning money management. Dave covers everything and teaches you step-by-step how to save money and be financially fit.

The Budget Kit: The Common Cents Money Management Workbook by Judy Lawrence. Complete with instructions and worksheets, this book has the nuts and bolts you need to learn budgeting and saving.

Frugillionaire: 500 Fabulous Ways to Live Richly and Save a Fortune by Francine Jay.

This book doesn’t teach how to budget, but it does give you 500 ways to save money without feeling the pinch. You’ll learn how to save money on everything from food, to home expenses, and raising children.

Budgeting Courses

http://www.FoxWay.com offers a free online course to teach budgeting and saving. Complete with free instructions, worksheets, and finance calculators, this site is a friendly and relaxed way to learn money management.

In addition to many excellent books, Dave Ramsey also offers courses to learn the art of budgeting and saving. From $99 to $169, you can choose from home study courses to live online courses with a lifetime membership. These classes are thorough and have a high success rate.

At YNAB (You Need a Budget) you can sign up for free, live, online classes and/or buy their budgeting software for $59.95. This software helps you in many ways, including:

Importing records from your bank for up-to-date money information
Helping you save for large purchases
Scheduling reoccurring payments so you don’t rack up late charges
Showing you where your spending leaks are.
Free online budgeting classes

Take some time to seriously consider your future. If your spending and budget are out of control, now is the time to teach yourself money management. Don’t let time slip away until you find yourself in financial crisis. Try one of these free or almost free methods of learning to budget today.