Avoid Popular Work at Home Scams

Don’t fall for these work at home scams

There have always been work at home scams, but it seems now that there are more scams than ever. Don’t fall prey to these scams. Avoid losing money and wasting your time, follow these helpful tips.

Popular work at home scams

Coupon scams

Manufacturers want coupons to make you money — by helping you save at the grocery store. According to the Better Business Bureau, more than $280 billion dollars in coupons are distributed every year and used by 77% of American households. Clearly, coupons are a good thing.

Because the average consumer trusts coupons, when they see a job advertised that enables them to make money with coupons, the job must be trustworthy. This is not the case.

The current coupon work at home scam tells people that want to work at home they can make money by clipping coupons for coupon companies. All they have to do is clip, sort, and return the coupons back to the business and make a profit. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Too easy. It also violates most manufacturers’ coupon redemption policies, usually voiding the coupon.

Avoid any coupon moneymaking scams by learning to identify them. It is a scam if:

— big profits are promised in a small amount of time
— claims that “no risks” are involved
— pressure to act now
— advertised as a “can’t miss” opportunity.

Internet work at home scams

This is the dream of many people. Become an Internet millionaire and never work another day in your life. Do not fall for programs that offer you a “ready to go” website that is going to rake in money.

The people that fall for these get-rich-quick promises are people who do not realize how difficult it is to get traffic to their site. There are currently over 100 million sites on the Internet. It takes hard work and know-how to develop a successful website. These websites are mass-produced, and your site will be one in hundreds or thousands.

Avoid website offers that:

— offer you overnight riches
— offer you a “free” website as long as you pay a steep monthly hosting fee
— offer you a website with which you have to make a certain amount of sales per month or are charged monthly thereafter.

Stuff envelopes

Question: How long has this scam been around?
Answer: Before the invention of the Internet.

This is one of the all-time best work at home scams. It’s been around so long, because there are still people who have not heard of it. Consider yourself warned.

This scam promises you large amounts of money for stuffing envelopes for companies. The company tells work at home hopefuls they save money by having at-home workers do the work for them.

Question #2: If it saves them money, how can you make large sums of money doing the work?
Answer #2: You can’t. Companies do this at the office cheaper than they can sending the materials to at-home workers.

Avoid work at home scams by being aware of them. Work at home scams continue and so does scamming of unsuspecting people.