Avoiding Counterfeit Goods on eBay

Making sure you don’t fall for counterfeit goods when shopping on eBay.

Even though holiday shopping is over, sales on eBay are alive and kicking and if you’re one of the eBay shoppers who are looking for great deals on designer clothing, you’re going to want to be careful. Thousands of counterfeit goods are being sold each and every day to unsuspecting buyers just like yourself. So how can you protect yourself?

Designer Clothes Come With Designer Price Tags

If you’re bidding on a brand new Chanel coat and near the end of the auction the bidding is only at $25, chances are the coat isn’t real. Just because you’re shopping on eBay doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to get real designer duds at ridiculously low prices. While a used Chanel coat might go for about $50, a brand new one won’t.

Ask for Verification

Many articles of designer clothing and designer accessories will come with certificates of authenticity. Ask if the item you’re bidding on comes with a certificate of authenticity or if they have a store receipt for the item, proving it’s value.

Play Close Attention to Tags

When trying to avoid counterfeit goods, it’s important to pay attention to tags. If the style or color on the hang tag doesn’t match the article of clothing, then the item probably isn’t real.