Baby Monitors – Get the Best Features for Your Baby’s Safety

Choose from these features and get the best baby monitor

Baby monitors are lifesavers to new parents. If you’re expecting a baby anytime soon, you probably have one of these on your list of requests. But all baby monitors aren’t created equal. Here are some features you need to consider before picking out the monitor system that’s best for you.

Baby Monitor Features

To buy the best baby monitor possible, follow these guidelines and look for these features:

DECT Technology – The most dependable and top rated baby monitors use DECT technology. DECT is an acronym for ‘digitally enhanced cordless telecommunications’. DECT technology is important if you live in a high-density area such as an apartment complex or if you have a house full of electronics.

Most baby monitors use a 49 MHz, 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz frequency. The problem is, so do many of your other electronics. This causes them to interfere with each other and you may not be able to hear your baby when he or she wakes or is crying. DECT is digital, not analog, and protects against interference and eavesdropping. Digital baby monitors give you the reassurance you’ll be able to hear the tiniest sound your baby makes.

Receivers – Having more than one receiver isn’t something most parents think about when deciding which baby monitor system to buy. However, if you live in a two-story house, having more than one unit is very convenient. This allows you to leave one receiver upstairs and one downstairs instead of having to remember to carry the receiver with you. Having an extra receiver saves new parents many extra steps, which is important.

Lights – A baby monitor with sound-activated lights comes in handy. In the event you’re watching TV, vacuuming, or are in the shower, the lights alert you when your baby is awake or crying.

Rechargeable Batteries – These are not a necessity but are nice to have. It’s a must to have fresh batteries in your monitor. You want to be sure that you can always hear your baby. A baby monitor system that comes with rechargeable batteries will save you money for several years.

Receiver Range – Check the range that your receiver works. If you get a good baby monitor system, you can safely go outdoors and still hear your baby.

As a parent, baby monitors give you freedom. With a reliable monitor, you aren’t tied to the house, straining to hear every little peep from your baby. With a reliable monitor system, you can go outside and do yard work, do noisy indoor activities like vacuuming, or just relax a bit by the pool while your baby sleeps. Monitors continue to improve and with today’s baby monitors, you can safely do all these activities and still know the moment your precious baby is awake.