Best Mosquito Protection Out There

Looking For Heavy Duty Mosquito Protection?

There are a variety of ways to keep mosquitoes away. You can take vitamins, buy candles, invest in gadgets or use repellent. But which methods of mosquito protection really work? Which ones are best? We’ve got some tips…

The Natural Approach

If you don’t want to deal with harsh chemicals or commercial mosquito repellents, you might want to consider the natural route. Certain vitamins, such as B12, can help also help to detract mosquitoes. By using B12 along with all-natural bug-sprays you can take a healthy, all-natural approach to mosquito protection.


Citronella candles and torches seem to be a life saver for backyard parties and activities. These mosquito protection tools can help limit the number of insects flying around, but don’t expect them to completely eliminate the problem. You’ll still want to spray some repellent on yourself and perhaps add a bug zapper into the mix.

Mosquito Vacuums

There are a variety of products on the market right now that are intended to reduce mosquito populations in your yard. Just make sure you buy a quality model. The cheaper ones tend to break down and some don’t even attract the bugs they’re intended to kill.

Watch Your Wardrobe

Of course, wearing long sleeves, socks and pants (while not always comfortable) can help reduce the number of mosquito bites when you enter bug infested areas. If you want to avoid bites that could potentially make you sick, long clothing is definitely a wise tool for mosquito protection.