Beware of Sweepstakes Scams

Sweepstakes Scams Are Increasingly Common

You get a phone call or an email stating that you’re the winner of a great sweepstakes prize. You’re all psyched up and ready to claim your grand winnings. There’s just one small catch. For one reason or another, the company that’s ready to issue you your prize needs your credit card information. While you may be tempted to give the sweepstakes company your credit card info, you might want to think twice.

Did You Enter a Sweepstakes?

First things first, do you remember entering this sweepstakes? If you didn’t enter the sweepstakes, then chances are this whole thing is one big gimmick. Unless you’re sure you entered the sweepstakes, don’t even pay any attention to claims of having won a sweepstakes prize.

If You Have to Pay for It, It’s Not a Prize

If you have to pay something for it, then it’s not a prize. No matter how the company tries to spin it, there’s never a reason to pay for a sweepstakes prize. The sweepstakes company might try to tell you that the payment is for taxes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You pay your taxes directly to the government, not to a sweepstakes company.