Beware of Telephone Slamming

Telephone Slamming Can Cost You Serious Money

Telephone slamming — it sounds like something you do when you’re mad, but the reality of it is that telephone slamming is something that telephone companies do to you and it can cost you lots of money if you’re not careful. But what is telephone slamming and how do you prevent it?

What is Telephone Slamming?

Telephone slamming happens when a phone company changes your telephone service, whether it’s local or long distance, without your permission. The practice is illegal, but it does happen. When a telephone company slams you, they of course don’t put you on their most cost-effective calling plan, but rather their most expensive. If you’re already on a great calling plan and this slamming occurs, you end up paying more than you used to for telephone service.

What Can You Do About Telephone Slamming?

If you find that you are the victim of telephone slamming, contact the appropriate state agencies and then contact the FCC to file a report. Also remember that you do not need to pay anyone for up to 30 days after your telephone service has been slammed, so don’t pay the bill if your telephone service has fallen prey to telephone slamming.