Blogging For Cash: Fact or Fiction?

Can you really make money blogging?

You’ve probably seen them before — websites promising that you can make money by simply blogging on their sites. But are these websites for real or are they a scam?

You Can Cash In On Blogging

Believe it or not, there are legitimate blogging sites out there where you can make some extra cash in your spare time. However, you will never get rich blogging. If you expect to make hundreds of dollars a day, look elsewhere – blogging isn’t it.

The Proof is In the Pudding

If you do start blogging, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a reputable website. To do this, you’re going to need to do some research. The best way to research if a blogging website really pays or not is to make contact with the other bloggers on the site and straight out ask them. They should be more than willing to share their experience with you.

Never Pay For the Privilege

Now that I’ve said that it is possible to make money blogging with some blogging websites, I also need to reiterate that there are some blogging websites out there that aren’t legitimate. If a website asks you to pay money to blog on their site, look elsewhere. There are enough companies who will let you do it for free or for a share of your profits. You should never have to pay money up front.