Bulking Up on Birthday Party Goody Bags

How To Make Goody Bags for Less

If there’s one thing kids love about birthday parties it’s goody bags. You can do away with the cake and the games and if the goody bags are great, the kids won’t complain. The problem is that great goody bags don’t come cheap — unless you have some insider secrets. Want your parties to be known for the best goody bags on the block? Here’s how to get it done without breaking the bank.

Wholesalers Are Your Best Friend

When it comes to affordable goody bags, wholesalers are your best friend. I buy my goody bag fillers in bulk and the save them for future birthdays. I try to buy unisex toys so they can be used for boy and girl parties. Websites like WindyCityNovelties.com offers great goody bag fillers at wholesale prices.

The Price Differences

Wondering just how much money you can save by buying the supplies for your goody bags at wholesale websites? I recently ran to the local card “outlet” to see how much they were charging for goody bags supplies and compared them to the prices at the above-mentioned website.

Those little bottles of party bubbles — the ones you can place custom labels on — those cost $6.99 per 24-pack at the card store. At the wholesale site they cost $2.70 for the same quantity. Little plastic frogs? $3.99 per dozen at the card store. At the wholesale site you can get them for $1.75 per dozen.

Across the board, prices at the party store were more than double what the wholesale prices were online.

The Game Plan

To create great goody bags at great prices, stock up on the basics at websites like the one mentioned above. Things like stickers, bendable toys, erasers, pencils, sunglasses and bubbles are always great fillers. Then, as the birthdays come and go, fill up your goody bags with your stock of supplies. You’ll make kids happy while saving money. It’s a win-win!