Buy the Best Snow Blower for Your Money

Need a new snow blower? Know what you’re looking for

The only thing worse than a snow blower that won’t work is shoveling the driveway because the snow blower won’t work. To avoid this and actually look forward to the snow, follow these tips to buying the best snow blower that fits your needs and your budget.

Tip #1 — Big isn’t always better

If you have a small driveway or you live in an area that gets moderate amounts of snow, consider buying a smaller snow blower. Small blowers are usually easier to handle and can do the job. Choose larger models with power-driven wheels if you have a hilly driveway or live where you get heavy snowfall.

Tip #2 — Don’t pay for features you don’t need

Snow blowers are like anything else, you can buy plain, stripped down models or pay extra for flashy features. There’s nothing wrong with features as long as you really need them. Features that are important are clearing tools, electric starting, and different speeds.

All snow blowers need clearing tools. Usually a plastic stick, use this tool to safely clear clogs. Every year, there are over 3,000 finger injuries due to snow blowers. Make sure your new blower has a clearing tool.

Electric starters aren’t necessary, but are very nice to have if you choose to by an electric snow blower. It’s much easier to use the electric starter than a pull cord during the cold winter.

Larger snow blowers come with several speeds. These speeds help during heavy snows. With several speeds you can choose the right speed that helps your eat your way through snow without the blower becoming clogged.

Tip #3 — Consider storage

Before you buy the biggest snow blower in the store, consider the amount of storage you have available. Your location and snowfall may dictate the need for a large blower, just be sure you have the space to store it.

Tip #4 — Consider budget

Know what you can afford to spend on your new blower before you start shopping. Setting a budget and a limit on the price before shopping will help keep you in line and prevent the temptation of flashy blowers.

To buy the best snow blower for your needs, remember to think about size, features, available storage, and your budget. By following these tips, you’ll buy only what you need and save money.