Buying a Website Business on eBay: Good Business Move or Bad Decision?

Can You Really Buy a Profitable Website Business on eBay?

If you browse eBay, you’ll notice that there are hundreds of websites for sale promising that you can make unlimited income by simply purchasing and running a site. But are these websites really great income opportunities or are they just another work-at-home scam?

eBay Is Not a Business Broker

First things first, it’s important to note that eBay is not a business broker. It’s an auction site. That being said, even though eBay is not a business broker, there are website businesses up for auction there. However, you must be very, very careful if you are thinking of bidding on one.

Cookie Cutter Business Websites

The average website for sale on eBay is what is called a cookie cutter website business. This means that not only is this site being sold in this auction, the same template was sold in previous auctions and will be sold again in future auctions. The only thing that changes from auction to auction is the domain name, and that’s not good for business. Cookie cutter business websites result in market saturation.

Established or Not?

Many website sellers tout that the website business that they are selling is established. But is the website really established. By established you and I think that the website has been up and running and is making money. What these sellers oftentimes mean is that the website has been developed. That’s it.

Bottom line is this, if you are thinking of buying a website business on eBay, make sure that it is an original website that has been established for quite some time and has had a positive cash flow that can be proven.