Buying Children’s Toys — 5 Safety Tips

Keep your child safe — Follow these tips for choosing children’s toy

With the Christmas season looming, it’s time to discuss safety when buying kids toys! According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Children’s toys are responsible for an alarming amount of injuries each year, sometimes, even death. No parent wants to go through this nightmare. Keep your children safe and follow a few simple tips

Tip #1 — Read the labels

Before purchasing a children’s toy, read the label. Too many times, parents buy toys without reading the label because the child has asked for it. This can be dangerous.

On fabric toys, look for labels that say, “Flame Retardant” or “Flame Resistant.” Toys made for children should always be fire resistant.

Another label to look for is one that says, “Washable/hygienic materials.” This lets you know if you can wash the toys to prevent germs from spreading and that the toy manufacturer used the proper materials.

Tip #2 — Check the toy manufacturing location

To save on costs, manufacturers use foreign labor to make most of their toys. While the U.S. has strict manufacturing guidelines for toys, foreign countries do not. Be wary of brightly colored and cheap children’s toys manufactured in China and other foreign countries. Many times these toys contain lead in the paint to achieve the bright colors. Search online for sites that list toys that are unsafe due to lead contaminants.

Tip #3 — Throw away all packing material

In the excitement of getting a new children’s toy, parents may begin assembling the toy without throwing away the packing material. Chocking on small parts and plastic bags that come with the toys is a serious danger.

During assembly, empty the box and immediately put all plastic bags in the box where small children cannot reach them. Keep all small parts in your view.

Tip #4 — Buy age-appropriate toys

Toys base their ratings on the age of the children. Don’t buy toys that your child is too young to play with especially young children under the age of three. Approximately 64% of toy-related deaths are due to children choking on small parts, so be sure your child is old enough to be playing with the toy.

Tip #5 — Take precautions

Non-powered scooters are the leading cause of death in toy-related injuries. If your child desperately wants a scooter, be sure you buy the helmet and pads that go along with it. Toy balls caused 71% of choking deaths. For this reason, you should be especially cautious about allowing small balls in your home.

As parents, you want your children to have fun, but you also want to keep them safe. Buy the best children’s toys by purchasing safe children’s toys.