Can The Internet Help You Get a Job?

Why Today’s Job Seekers Should Put the Internet to Good Use

In different areas of the country there’s a struggling job market and many people are finding themselves unemployed. That means there’s heavy competition for jobs nowadays. If you’re not using the Internet to come out on top, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Social Networking

The various social networking sites can be great for getting your foot in the door. They can also be detrimental if you use them improperly. If you use sites like Facebook, only post things you wouldn’t be embarrassed for a potential employer to see. Make sure you sign up for some professional networking sites like LinkedIn and FastPitch. They can put you in contact with the movers and shakers of your area.

Get Certified

If the “education” section of your resume seems to be a bit lacking, look into online certifications. No, they’re not as impressive as a 4-year degree from an Ivy League university, but they can help give you an edge over someone without a degree at all. Certifications are usually rather quick as well and they don’t have to cost a lot of money. You might want to try companies such as BrainBench or ExpertRating for your certification needs.

Check The Ads

The Internet also offers millions of “help wanted” ads for job seekers surfing the Web. Sites like and help people find jobs in their area (or nationwide) and offer other valuable services like resume building and company information.

Keep Your Chin Up

So is finding a job hard? For many people it is. It’s important to use all of the tools at your disposal. The Internet is one of them. Make sure you know what’s available on it and put it to work for you.