Cheap Family Trips — Give Camping a Try

Cheap family trips…why not try a family camping trip? They’re loads of fun, kid-friendly, and won’t break your budget

Cheap family trips can be a lifesaver. We all love those luxury vacations to exotic resorts. But be realistic, sometimes they just aren’t possible. If you are in a tight spot and your budget is in a pinch, consider something new that your kids will never forget.

Family Camping Trips

I know…I know…the idea of sleeping in a smelly sleeping bag on the hard ground doesn’t quite compare to getting the spa treatment in a five star hotel. But…kids absolutely love camping. Camping is:

Cheap — Just ask around and you’ll find that friends and family will have all of the camping gear that you will need.

A great opportunity for quality family time — Nothing beats sitting around a campfire roasting those sticky marshmallows while you relax and the kids get the giggles.

A great bike riding opportunity — It is a proven fact that kids ride their bikes like crazy in campgrounds. Researchers are not sure of the exact cause of this phenomenon but all campers will verify this information. Because this fact is so well known, all campers know to watch out for speeding children on bikes and drive slowly and carefully while you sit at the campsite with your feet propped up reading a book knowing that your children are safe.

A great opportunity for family fitness — Depending on the campground, you will usually have a choice of activities. Some of the activities that may be available are: hiking trails, playgrounds, swimming pools, paddleboats, canoes, and horseback riding.

Safe — The majority of people in campgrounds are good, family people. Occasionally, you may get a “bad seed” or a “grumpy Gus” but overall everyone is friendly and most of the campers enjoy kids.

So, go ahead…be brave and give camping a try. Everyone should have a family camping experience once in their lifetime. I guarantee your children will love you for it and never forget it. Camping is one of the best cheap family trips you’ll ever take.