Choosing the Right Orthodontist for Your Child’s Braces

Give your child a beautiful smile by choosing the best orthodontist

Does your child need to see an orthodontist for braces? If your child needs braces, you may be confused as to what step to take next. After all, an orthodontist costs quite a bit. Getting braces and your child’s teeth straightened is an expensive quest. You also don’t want to make the mistake of taking your child to an orthodontist that doesn’t do good work. So how do you know which orthodontist to choose?

Follow these tips for choosing the best orthodontist for your child and getting the best treatment possible.

Look for free consultations

Reputable orthodontist offer free consultations. When calling an orthodontist, ask if they charge a fee for consultations. If they do — don’t go.

Friendly & informative consultation

When you take your child for his or her free consultation, they will look at your child’s x-ray and make a recommendation for their treatment. They should tell you:

— Why they need treatment

— The best time to start treatment

— How they will accomplish the treatment

— How long the treatment will take

— Offer before and after photos of other patients

— Give references if requested

— Complete cost of treatment

— Payment plans

— Information about office hours

— Information about emergency treatment

The orthodontist and office manager should have no problem at all answering these questions. If your questions are met with impatience or you are treated rudely, try another orthodontist.

Office atmosphere

When you go for the consultation, take note of several things around the office.

— Is the office in a convenient location for you?

— Is the office staff nice, polite and friendly?

— Is the office clean?

— Is the office overflowing with patients and overcrowded?

Unless you have no other choice, it doesn’t make sense to choose an orthodontist whose office is inconveniently located. Think about the time you will most likely be going for appointments and what traffic is like at those times.

Don’t take your child to an office that appears to be unsanitary. If the waiting room and restroom are dirty, they might not be too careful when it comes to sterilizing the equipment they use in your child’s mouth either.

Friendly staff is a sign of a well-run office. Remember, you are the paying customer. The staff should be polite and friendly and treat your child nicely.

An overcrowded waiting room is a telltale sign. You don’t want lengthy visits to the orthodontist. If the office is crowded, ask the staff when they are least crowded and decide if that fits into your schedule.

When your child gets braces, you form a relationship with the orthodontist and his staff for several years. Before you sign any contracts or begin treatment, make sure your choice of orthodontist meets up to these requirements.