Christmas Deals That Are Too Good To Miss

Just When You Thought The Christmas Deals Were Over…

Black Friday is long gone but the Christmas deals sure haven’t disappeared. I’ve been shocked at the steals I’ve been finding, both online and off. Of course, I couldn’t keep all of the fun to myself. When I saw some of these deals I knew I had to share. Here are 2 Christmas deals you just can’t miss…’s Toy Sale is having a huge toy sale with savings of up to 70% off. Those of you who know me know that is one of my favorite places to shop for Christmas deals. At times like this, it becomes clear why that’s the case.

Yesterday I got about $200 worth of toys for $50 for the local holiday toy drive. With free 2nd-day shipping (thanks to my Amazon Prime membership) the deal was almost too good to be true.

Just how good were the deals? The classic Tinker Toy sets that sell for $30 in the stores are on sale for $9.99 and the $30 sing-a-long Spider Man doll can be had for less than $9. And there are dozens of deals like this going on.

GameStop To The Rescue

For those of us who have kids, you know they always want the latest game systems and the games to go with them. Unfortunately, this can really add up and not everyone can fork over hundreds of dollars on a system and games. Fortunately, GameStop has Christmas deals that come to the rescue.

If you go to you can get “refurbished” game systems for less than what a “brand new” system would cost you. How good are the deals?

My son wanted a PSP and some games to go with it this year. A new PSP costs about $170 in the store and a new game usually runs at least $30. By taking advantage of GameStop’s refurbished options I got the system for about $130 and a couple of games for $10 to $15 each. That’s a huge savings.

There are savings to be had all over the Internet. If you want to stay up to the minute on the hottest Christmas deals frequent the FatWallet Hot Deals forums. There are people on there all day, every day discussing the deals they’re finding online. It’s one of my favorite stops.