Clean Up Your Act with These Shower Cleaners

Tired of dingy showers? Find out which shower cleaners work best

Last year, according to the Nielsen Research Company, Americans spent $200 million on shower cleaners. If you’re one of these people and are tired of spending money on cleaners, cut to the chase and buy the best. Wondering which cleaner is the best? Here’s what to know.

Best shower cleaners

Before deciding on a shower cleaner, take some things into consideration. For instance, do you diligently scrub every nook and cranny of the shower on a daily basis, or do you clean every one to two weeks?

Daily scrubbers

Daily scrubber? Just about any cleaner on the market will do the job because of how frequently you clean. The best and least expensive shower cleaner is Kaboom trigger spray. This cleaner is best to prevent mildew and soap scum instead of fighting it once it exists. Used daily, this cleaner does an excellent job.

Once-in-a-while scrubber

If you scrub once-in-a-while, a tough back up cleanser like powders or bleaches are best. The two best powders are Comet Scratch Free Disinfectant with Bleach and Ajax with Bleach Scratch Free. Both powders are inexpensive and leave no streaks. These cleaners work but require some elbow grease. So save these for weekly cleanings.

Green cleaners

Need a “green” cleaner, give Green Works Natural a try. This product is made by Clorox, prevents scum and mildew buildup, removes rust, and doesn’t leave streaks. This cleaner doesn’t do a good job of removing established mildew. So choosing to “go green” means cleaning more often.

The next time you are deciding which shower cleaner to buy, take these tips into consideration. Save yourself a lot of time and money.