Consider Adopting an Exotic Pet Before You Buy

Exotic Pets Need Homes Too

When people think about owning an exotic pet, such as a Macaw or a Degu, they almost always think about going to the pet store or a breeder and forking over big bucks. However, if the first place you turn for an exotic pet is a pet store or a breeder, you may be doing yourself a huge injustice. Believe it or not, there are many exotic pets who are in desperate need of a home, and they don’t come attached to a huge price tag.

The Macaw Story

A friend of mine had always wanted to own a pair of macaws, and she received one (a beautiful Blue and Gold) as a gift one year. It was a $1,200 gift. Macaws are not inexpensive. That’s why she wasn’t rushing out to add the Greenwing macaw she had always wanted to her family.

Then, one day, as my friend was searching the Web, she came across a website discussing the fact that just like there are dogs and cats in need of homes, exotic pets find themselves in rescues and shelters too. She did a bit of research and adopted one. She got a beautiful Greenwing macaw for a modest adoption fee.

The Moral of The Story

The moral of the story is this… My friend got her Greenwing macaw. Her, the Blue and Gold and the Greenwing make a fabulous family and everyone is spoiled. The Greenwing found the home she so desperately needed, my friend was able to do a good deed without paying ridiculously-high prices and everyone was happy.

It’s Not a Bargain Bin

Now, before you go out looking for exotic pets to adopt, I need to offer some advice… While this site is often about finding bargains, adopting an exotic pet is not just a way of getting a pet for cheap. Anyone who has ever owned exotic pets knows that the purchase price (or adoption fee) is just the tip of the iceberg.

Exotic pets are high-maintenance pets. This means expensive food, costly vet maintenance, etc. If the only thing that appeals to you about adopting an exotic pet is the discounted price, do yourself and the exotic pets of the world a favor and don’t do it. The initial expense is just the beginning and when it comes to exotic pets, there’s really nothing cheap about them.