Consider Public Transportation to Save Money

Public Transportation is Part of a Consumer-Savvy Lifestyle

Using public transportation is a great way for savvy consumers to save money. Public transportation is an overlooked practical way to save money and save time. Sure, it’s not as cool as riding around in a big 4WD SUV, but public transportation is cool in the fact that it simply makes sense.

An Underutilized Resource

Public transportation is not nearly utilized as often as it should be. Many people are hesitant to utilize public transportation for a variety of reasons. Some people mistakenly think that it isn’t convenient because it often takes longer to go on a bus route than it would to just travel in their own vehicle to get to work or another destination. It is true that bus routes aren’t as direct, and you will have to make multiple stops along the way. However, when you are traveling on a bus (or train) you can get other tasks done while you are a passenger. If you travel in your own vehicle, you will need to remain alert and focus on driving. When you are on a bus or a train, you can read that novel you have been putting off or you can catch up on journaling or even filling out correspondence that needs to be completed. You don’t have that luxury when you are driving in your own vehicle.

Save Money

Public transportation is also very affordable and cost efficient. If you and your spouse utilize public transportation to some degree, you can sometimes get by with just one vehicle. Having one vehicle leads to considerable savings. You will save money on car insurance, and you will save money on vehicle maintenance. You can even put away some of the money that you save, so you have a nice down payment when it is time to buy another car. An added benefit of utilizing public transportation is that you are decreasing pollution to the environment too.

Sound Good

If the above benefits of public transportation sound appealing, you should consider giving it a try. It is a good idea to keep maps of the public transportation routes you plan to take so that you have them for easy reference. Sometimes the web can be slow, and viewing the public transportation routes online can be time consuming. You should at least use public transportation a few times and give it a fair chance. You might be surprised to find that public transportation simplifies your life and saves you money in the process.