Consumer Savvy Individuals and Re-Gifting

Don’t Let Your Passion for Being Consumer Savvy Cause You to Break Etiquette Rules

Now that Christmas is over, you might try to be consumer savvy and make use of any gifts that you received but either can’t use or aren’t too fond of. While trying to be consumer savvy after the holidays, it is important to keep a few things in mind. There are special rules of etiquette that are important to remember. You should still keep in mind rules about re-gifting even when you are trying to be consumer savvy.

Some Things You Can’t Give Away

If you get an item that someone purchased while on vacation, you’re definitely “stuck” with it, and not just because it can’t be returned. Such gifts are considered very sentimental or precious, and it would not be courteous to re-gift an item that someone purchased with only you in mind. You would put everyone in an awkward situation if your Great Aunt Ruth found out that you re-gifted the coaster set she specially picked out for you in the Bahamas to your cousin Debbie. If someone knitted you a scarf by hand, you are probably obligated to keeping it. However, if you really insist on parting with it, wear it once so the gift recipient can see you in it and donate it to a charitable cause who can use it. This way the gift isn’t going to waste just sitting in your closet unused but no ones feelings will be hurt.

Opt for Returns

It’s much better to return an item you don’t want than to re-gift it. I know it can be tempting as a savvy consumer to simply pass along an unwanted item as a “gift” to someone else, but it is rarely acceptable to do so and can create a potentially awkward situation. If you received a pasta maker but hate spending time in the kitchen, just remark to the person who gave you the gift that the gift choice was so on the mark that you already owned one so you simply returned it for store credit instead. A consumer savvy individual is not going to be able to see an expensive appliance sitting unused in a closet, and neither will the person who gave such a gift.

Simple Protocol

If, for whatever reason, you decide to re-gift something, definitely make sure that you rewrap the item and remove any cards attached. I know wasting wrapping paper is not something a consumer savvy individual will enjoy doing, but it is important to try to make the gift your own, and presentation is the key to doing this.