Curious About Carnival Games?

What You Should Know Before Spending Money on Carnival Games

You’re at a traveling carnival or a local amusement park and suddenly you’re caught by the excitement of the possibility of winning a brightly-colored larger-than-life stuffed animal. The thrill of the chase is enticing and you’re wondering whether you should spend the few bucks it will take to try your hand at whatever skill the game requires. You’d better think twice.

Determining if a Game is Fair

There are a small number of amusement parks that do offer a few reasonably-fair carnival games. One great way of determining the fairness of a carnival game is to observe other people playing the game for several minutes prior to actually playing it yourself. This way you can see how many people actually win the game compared to the number of people who play it. Don’t be deceived, however, if you see participants come very close to winning. If you think you can definitely win if they were able to come close, you may be falling for a scam. Many carnival games are specifically designed to provide the illusion of almost winning, which causes people to repeatedly continue to play just one last time. Remember, the carnivals stack the odds of winning in favor of themselves. They’re not in business to give away prizes – they’re in business to make money!

What Are You Paying (Not Playing) For?

If you can’t resist playing carnival games, consider the final prize that you are trying to win and whether it’s actually something you really need or want. Oftentimes, carnival prizes amount to nothing more than clutter after a few months and in many instances, you can get the prize for a lot less money by purchasing it outright at a local store. Remember, it is not unusual to spend over $30 on a game before you actually win a prize, and that prize may only be worth five or ten bucks.

While carnivals and amusement parks offer a fun atmosphere and tasty foods, the games should not be the highlight of your carnival visits. You need to remember that you can still have fun at a carnival even if you don’t play any of the games.