Cut Your Utility Costs with These Landscaping Ideas

Discover Quick and Easy Ways Your Landscaping Helps Cut Utility Costs

Homeowners typically use landscaping as a way to improve curb appeal and the value of their homes. But, did you know energy efficient landscape designs helps cut your utility costs and save you money? Follow these tips and not only does your yard look as if a landscape designer planned it, but reap the added benefit of saving money.

Use low-water-usage ground cover

Planting ground cover near your house helps keep it cool during the summer lowering your utility bill. Ground cover is usually some type of plant, grass or gravel. Try to keep grass to a minimum to reduce the need for watering and mowing. Watering and mowing helps lower your water and gas bill not to mention lessens pollution from the lawnmower.

Plant dwarf shrubs near your home

Shrubs work well to block cold winter winds. The less your home is buffeted by cold winds, the warmer it remains. The foundation of your home lets more cold air leak in than any other part of your home. Planting small shrubs around the foundation protects it and keeps the cold air out. The shrubs also help direct the winds up and away from your home.

Because dwarf shrubs are small and seldom grow past two to three feet tall, they require little maintenance and watering.

Plant trees

Plant a combination of evergreen trees and deciduous trees to benefit year round. Evergreen trees planted along the northeast side of your house block cold air.

Deciduous trees, those that lose their leaves during the winter, serve to shade your home in the summer. To use deciduous trees effectively, plant them everywhere except the northeast side of your home.

Take advantage of vines

If you live in an especially hot region of the United States, you might want to consider planting some climbing vines. Vines work just as well as trees when it comes to shading your home from the sun and an added benefit of using vines is that they are quick growing. Plant them against your home where the most heat enters.

If you plant deciduous vines, when they lose their leaves in the winter, the sun comes through the window in winter and helps warm up the house.

By using ground cover, dwarf and full-size shrubs, climbing vines and trees, effectively cut the cost of your utility bill and save money. Before you begin your landscaping, take these landscaping ideas and make a plan. Choose plants that are low maintenance, require little water, and work to protect your home from the weather. Put your landscaping to work for you.